El Furniture Warehouse

El Furniture Warehouse


We decided to check out this years' open street festival on Sunday morning. Cheri and I went on a unique graffiti tour, organized by the Toronto Tour Guys. We ended this adventure with a fun group of people at El Furniture warehouse. Our tour guide recommended this spot and joined us. He gave us a bit of history of the place - started our by boarders in BC. $5 plates what else is there to ask for?

Not much from the outside - black & white, all caps sign with a fun circle logo. This sweet joint has a trendy and unpretentious interior - signs, some skateboard decks, custom made pipe lights, and skateboard videos on all TVs. Overall there are plenty of warm incandescent lights and wood, definitely perfect for a winter visit. It also has a retractable garage door for their small patio, opening up to the street.

Once we settled in we realized how such a place makes money - drinks are pricer than meals, and almost all meals offer updates for an additional cost. The menu was condensed in one long page, text heavy but organized. The menu had a few items that resonated with us - Beer for the Chef (a happy ending for the hardworking peeps in the kitchen) as well as an end note "buy a meal for the less fortunate for $4.95".

Their booze selection was quite local. We decided to try their Augusta Ale. Our waitress was quick and friendly to take our order. We got their Maple Bacon Potato Skins, Union Street Noodle Salad and Roasted Turkey Sandwich.
We really enjoyed our random company as we waited.

We really expected small tapas, but our dishes were a healthy size and looked great! The Union Street Noodle Salad was very interesting. It included marinate chicken, chow main noodles, suet choi, green onion, pea shoots, avocado, and cucumber. It was topped with toasted almonds and sweet ginger-awesome dressing. Absolutely delicious.

Next, the Maple Bacon Potato Skins were everything you would expect.
astly, the roasted turkey sandwich was made with a solid amount of meat with macho sauce, Swiss cheese, honey mustard, some veggies all on cranberry sour dough. It came with a side of salad/soup. All that good stuff for $5!

We had an awesome time - the vibe, the food, the service and the price! We will be back!

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