Super Burger

On our way to Dufferin Country, Ontario for a weekend getaway, we stopped for a quick lunch in Shelburne. On the intersection of Highways 10th and 89th there are several options, but visually Super Burger was an obvious choice for an authentic mom-and-pop shop, especially with that remodeled vintage TTC streetcar serving as an additional seating area for the restaurant.


It is hard to miss the 1980s streetcar, nothing particularly memorable besides that. At least as far as the outside appearance goes. Things are a bit more interesting inside. There are lots of bright colors and kids everywhere creating an upbeat atmosphere. A hint of vintage is felt throughout with old fashioned signage and fixtures. Overall - a typical diner with a bit of a twist.


A very enthusiastic young man greeted us at the cash register after we waited in line for five minutes or so. We would not say the place was packed to capacity for a Saturday lunch, but there was definitely a sizable crowd inside. We ended up ordering a traditional banquet burger to benchmark against and a chicken souvlaki on a pita as a healthier alternative. With five families ahead of us waiting for their orders, we found ourselves with a few more minutes to wonder around.


A clean, but dated washroom has a map of Ontario right next to the entrance. Considering the worn out spot where the Super Burger is located, we concluded that a lot of people stop here on their way elsewhere. Like a tourist attraction of sorts. A cursory glance at vehicles parked outside confirmed our feeling – appeared that most dining folks were not from the area.


We found a spot inside the decommissioned TTC streetcar. The seats were actually pretty comfortable and reproductions of vintage 80s ads made us feel like on a trip back in time. One thing ma cheri realized about half way through - the souvlaki did not taste like chicken at all and had a jucy red spot inside. It appeared that our chicken souvlaki on pita got confused with a pork souvlaki on a bun. It was not well cooked and the meat was of relatively poor quality. It was too late to take it back and we were in a rush. Their Banquet Burger with home-made sauce was of a great quality though! The bacon pieces inside were thin, but full of flavor. It came with a slice of melted cheese and of course plenty of toppings. The meat cooked to remain juicy, but with no raw beef taste. We happily devoured it.


As confirmed by hoards of people taking photos by the TTC streetcar, Super Burger is popular. We would suggest their burger, but not the souvlaki from what we tried. We also saw a young kid taking back the onion rings. Not exactly sure why, but might have been because they appeared very, very greasy.

PS: the TripAdvisor ratings are higher for the neighboring Champ Burger… We will give them a try next time. They seemed to have recently re-branded.

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