Sakata Bar & Grill

Sakata Bar & Grill


A nice clean place for a casual lunch or dinner. We had Toronto, Crispy Spicy Salmon and Philadelphia rolls. The food service was fast and our tea cups were refilled promptly too. The rolls were fresh and the server remembered we inquired about the spiciness of the dish. She came back and offered to remove the spicy ingredient from the roll. The avocado inside our rolls was perfectly ripe. The only issue problem we had is that I we asked for grilled salmon on Philadelphia but got fresh instead. We did not actually realize it until half way through the meal so left it as-is.

An interesting detail about this place is that one can actually order their meal on a tablet instead of scrolling through a traditional menu. The thing lacking through was an actual description of the dish. Our waitress was quick to correct it and supplement us with the list of ingredients on demand, but we felt that the interactive menu idea was not fully explored.

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