Indie Ale House Brewing Co

Recommended to us by two co-workers already, Indie Ale House was on our list for some time.


From the outside, the simple narrow sans serif type didn't seem to be too memorable, but the hand-written window signs, stating "craft beer to-go" spoke another language.


Once inside, there is a section to the left with a huge chalkboard and wooden planks with beer options written on them - the to-go areas. Straight ahead is a large widow to give us a sneak peak of this craft brewery's massive kettles and kegs.

We were welcomed by the barbecue aroma of pulled pork and we were seated in no time. The interior was accented by of different wood elements (floor, booths, bar, tables, etc) but it didn't seem inconsistent as the list of beer line-ups on wooden planks united the randomness. The room was surrounded by a brick wall, with some clean white areas. A few other memorable details were - the metallic ceiling, the stylish wooden beer taps, as well as numerous chalkboards everywhere.


We started with a tester flight. We had two varieties in mind, which we want to try. The rest, our waiter took the liberty to surprise us with - a great offer to help with the overwhelming amount of beer choices.

The menu was printed on a simple, white cardboard - nothing fancy nor memorable. Their beers were not described, nor listed anywhere but on the numerous planks gatherings on the walls, which sure were impressive.

We couldn't resist and ordered their popcorn.. it sounded delightful. We were very close to also getting their Cheese Board, but decided to save it for another time. We also got the Wild Mushroom & Kale Pizza and their Short Rib "Royale" Burger.


Our flight of testers came on a long wooden plank with holes for the small glasses. There were a lot of interesting flavors, quite the variety pack our server put together. The glasses were in one long line, so keeping the little note with which one is what was easy to figure out (at least until half-way through our meal). I must note, we both enjoyed Witner and Barnyard a lot.

Enwrapped in the ambiance and choices, we accidentally agreed on having all of these dishes arrive at once. Oops!

Our popcorn came in a little metal bucket. It was doused with a not-so-healthy amount of graded cheddar, rosemary and drizzles of garlic butter. Quite the heavy appetizer, but very flavorful! The Short Rib "Royale" Burger was very meaty. It had mayo dressing, melted gruyere and crispy onion chunks. We had the choice of a salad or fries. I was not too happy about cheri's choice of salad, but I thanked him later - that refreshing arugula side was needed. Lastly we enjoyed their Wild Mushroom & Kale Pizza. It had two types of mushrooms - quite generous on them, unlike the light layer of fior di latte and the few goat cheese chunks. It also had tender caramelized onion, the promised kale and it came drizzled with truffle oil - a great hint.


We really enjoyed indulging in the intense dishes, flavorful beers and warm atmosphere.

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