“Holy Crepe! You look hungry”. The standee board outside successfully appealed to our morning hunger. So did the props displayed in the window - mainly bananas and oversized Nutella jars. Who can resist?


Queen St. West streets are narrow around there and you would not normally look up while walking. As a result, you will be too close to see the restaurant sign. We passed by chococrepe before, but they do not open early during the week. At that point we had to walk around for some more time before finding another place. What a shame! What could be better than crepes with Nutella and coffee in the morning? When Chococrepe is open, it is a delight to your eyes. A fun, warm yellow and blue sign, muted blue walls accented by yellow pillars inside and an overall simple, yet rustic look is definitely fitting with the area.


The room is long and narrow. A bit on a darker side, but tastefully decorated with original ware here and there. We particularly liked the old hardwood floor, a wall with hanging plants, cooking objects and letters. The room ended with a large mirror - definitely made the place look bigger and brighter. There are lots of additional tiny details creating a lovely atmosphere and a warm feeling: blue chairs, custom napkin papers, lots of small jars and containers along the wall… Puts you in a mood for something trendy.


The waitress did not take long to appear. She was very pleasant and able to suggest a few menu items. For some reason when we asked for our milkshake options, we were bounced to the front to check out ourselves… Not in a rude way, but still seems a bit odd not to list the choices up front. I picked a mocha-chocolate one - it turned out to be quite sweet, but I enjoyed.

Their menu also gets top marks, keeping it consistent - neat and playful. Comes of a clamp board and feels a bit like a newspaper. We decided on their Wild Brie and Country savory crepes.


Oh yes to french-style buckwheat crepes. The Wild Brie crepe came with roasted almonds, dried cranberries and honey - I quite enjoyed it. The Country one had caramelized pear, smoked bacon, cheddar, with a side of arugula leaves - I would've thought it'd be more flavorful. I must note, the crapes were not stuffed with ingredients and not too filling. Perhaps we should've given in to our initial Nutella temptation, but it was to late.


The ambience and overall design were well-done and consistent, perhaps a bit too consistent with the crepes themselves - simple and clean. We would've liked them fuller.

Overall, an easy-going Riesling, needing a bit more body.

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