Grapefruit Moon

Cheri and I drive up Bathurst all the time, and this spot often catches our eyes. It seems like the most relaxing place to soak up the sun over brunch. On a Saturday morning in the middle of the recent Toronto heatwave, we decided to have a little bike ride. From our neighbourhood at Queen & Bathurst all the way to Steeles and Younge. Grapfruit Moon is on the way and it was time to check it out.


a flashy colorful label screaming “I am hip”

clear wine, no sediment

The area is a bit abandoned and run-down. But it just might turn out to be the next big thing - trendy neighbourhood. Plenty of spaces for rent around, we even contemplated moving here one day.

Their patio was almost empty on this Saturday morning. We came in to let them know we would like to be outside. I went to wash my hands and was glad to have a reason to come in, as their interior was definitely a thing to experience - plenty of plants, a suspended bike and cocktail tables. The patio was fenced out by numerous vintage bike wheels between wooden pegs. Half of the seating was plastic benches attached to tables - seemed as if they were stolen from a kindergarten. On one side was a brick wall with plastic lights and colorful plastic flower pots on it. They also had kept an old logo of theirs - blue one with a star, very hippy - next to their new stylish one on the main awning.


no legs, a bit warmer than it should be, light floral and citrusy smell

Our waitress was quick to give us their bright yellow morning menus with a large spaced out type leaving no open space on their laminated page. The waitress was also quick to ask for our order. It was a tricky choice. The menu consisted of a combination of greasy to mexican inspired dishes. I usually don't feel like something that heavy in the morning (unless my last night was an out-of-control disaster). Even-though heavy, the dishes were mostly vegetarian and vegan. I had to ask for her recommendations / the most popular items. They were the two Huevos dishes as well a their simple All-day Breakfast. After some difficult decision-making (on my part) I asked for the Huevos Mexicanos decided to try a Black River juice (what an unappetizing name, Cheri and I were discussing the associations this name may cause) in guava flavor. Cheri couldn't control himself to pick anything other than their bottomless coffee. His next choice was the Brie and Roasted Red Pepper omelette.


floral notes disappear, some sour taste sensation accenting the more prominent citrus aroma

The patio was quick to fill, soon enough our umbrella table was a luxury people fought over. The battle was about to ensue with lots of hungry eyes looking at us.

My warm guava juice arrived and I had to ask a glass of ice. Cheri's coffee came in a lovely illustrated cup, for a small kid. I loved the contrast. I quite liked how the waiters had to almost walk on the sidewalk to get to the patio - something very imperfect and charming about it. Reminded me of an european cafe.


with a main structure, 

but lacking in depth 

and balance

My Huevos Mexicanos arrived just as described - feta & salsa scrambled eggs sharing the plate w nachos, as well as a side of black bean paste, salsa and avocado paste. To be honest I was not impressed by the dish. It was just plain food arranged in a plate - lacking some serious flavor. For example, the avocado paste had no herbs or spices, not even salt. Cheri's omelet consisted of nothing order that the described - a plain omelet wrapping around the Brie and peppers. He liked it, but at over $10 dollars it could have been a bit more impressive. We were happy to see the slice of grapefruit - a must-have with a name like theirs.


So much potential, but underwhelming overall. 

Maybe we hyped our expectations too high... Maybe the good weather and mood made us anticipate a heavenly meal. Hard to tell, but we were not overly impressed. The nice patio is definitely a thing to come for, food is not that great. It is a perfect place for general socialising and sun soaking. Go here if you are not too hungry and simply want to relax and drink in the “bottomless coffee”.

Overall.. a young Riesling lacking definition. 

Needing an ice-cube.

Could be enjoyed with a large company at a social event, not on its own.

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