The Works

Cheri and I decided to spoil ourselves on our bike ride home, after our weekly beach volleyball. Cheri had previously checked this spot out with a coworker - randomly seeing it from the street. He was eager to bring me here ever since.


bright, new, fresh, entertaining label

The Works is new to the St Lawrence area - taking over the corner of Wellington and Church, across from Toronto's flat-iron building. This area needed a more reasonably priced spot, which is not Pizza Pizza. A bit after we arrived, their brightly lit patio area became our top prize. 


citrusy, apple, honey

Entering, the main room was transparent - divided by low cubicles of fenced wire. The interior was put together in the chaos of walls from scrambled brick chunks, copper pipes everywhere, industrial lights and an imposing metal dimensional W, suspended by chains. Hip spot, part of the gourmet burger trend invasion, no doubt. We breezed through, following the hostess, as we made our way up a long staircase.


pear, mineral in character

Their second floor patio kept consistent with the heavy interior - bar made of scrambled brick locked in concrete, metal tables and a daring metal roof frame. Their menus are like old brochures - dark paper, loaded with information and their bold stencil serif typeface filling all the space it can. Can't argue that fit a lot of information on one tabloid piece of paper. It went over the steps of ordering a burger. Our appetite was too pushy to wait for us to go over it all.

Step 1: we decided to go all out and pick their Lean Domestic Elk

Step 2: we went for a topping of Neil Young (one of their 10 favs)

Step 3: whole wheat bun 

Step 4: side of Spicy Die Cut Chips and a side of Cucumbers

Step 5: enough already

It didn't take long for our water to arrive - arrive in style - a large-liquid-measuring-cup style, that is. Not many burger joints let people indulge in beer, so we had to take advantage - a Mooshead IPA, please!

As we waited and froze on their windy patio, we enjoyed the view and vibe of the area. Also, I was quite entertained by their salt and pepper shakers - faking to be lightbulbs. In the waiting, I indulged myself on a trip to "Ladies Waste Removal", right by the "Family Compost Zone" - that would all be by their take-out zone.


crisp, well balanced, full-bodied

What is inside Neil Young, you may wander? Well that would be grilled eggplant, avocado, salsa loco, and feta. Our waitress seemed to have picked a white bread bun for us, but we didn't even realize until half-way though. The Elk was really not game-y nor bloody (thank god) but rather tender and lightly smelly. The burger was really great. I quite enjoyed the side of those spicy, crispy chip-fries. As for the cucumbers, lets just say do not order fresh veggies in a burger joint. They were old and dry… probably filtered the fridge for a good day.


sweet and refreshing

We definitely had a great time - quite enjoyed the spot. We need to try it for a sunny lunch, for surez. Also, plenty of topping combos to try.

Overall.. a new-age unoaked Chardonnay

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