Cheri took us here for one of our monthly anniversary celebrations.

As a mater of fact we didn't make it that lovely Sunday when we booked our reservation for - we knocked on locked doors and then took a stroll thought the quiet, winding streets in the area. A week later, on Thursday evening the doors opened for us.


a balance between red and yellow tones, label up to standard

Dyne is inside a small brick building with a romanesque-style front window on Avenue Road. There is a tiny patio to the left of the tall flight of stairs leading to the entrance. Dominating black branded side wall and the branded window made us feel like we are going to a luxurious but vintage place - the wanders of CopperPlate Std.


strawberry, mature bouquet

We first entered a short wooden corridor with candles and business cards before the main black curtains. As we made our way though and realized that the hostess was right there listening to our small remarks - beware. She quickly asked to take out coats. The interior was bright and modern - back booths along the walls, chairs across, wooden tables, black frames and details on the white walls. Cheri and I sat side-by-side, as usual, observing the room. We were the first ones in. 

As we settled we were introduced to their elegantly spaced menus. We were happy to see the names of the Chef/Owner as well as Chef de Cuisine on it. Another few tables settled in. As we were reading through, we heard the chef introducing himself to another table. I sat looking at him - he was very casual in jeans and a white tee. I kind of wish we'd get to talk to him too. I guess he heard my wish as he made his way over to us. Richard Andino introduced himself and apologized for the reservation mistake which happened to us. He gave us an honest excuse, which didn't matter much to us. We felt warm and special by his personal touch.


hints of vanilla, leather coming through

Our waitress was back asking for drinks. We just asked for the red and white wines which came with our deal - a simple Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot. We asked for the Lobster cold appetizer and Cross Cut Ribs hot appetizer. For mains we took their Mackerel and Duck. 

We waited around enjoying the occasional spanish song, but overall fusion mix - getting a bit too random. It is hard to miss the interesting large photos on the wall - a sharp horizontal Japanese knife, followed by a squirted ketchup bag - strange, and rather morbid, not particularly appetizing imagery but passionate.

The waitress came around with a plate of tapas. She called them Pinchos. We had to try. They were lovely - dried Japanese pepper with anchovies and herbs on a scewer, dipped in olive oil - spicy and bitter.

I asked if their chef is Spanish. She explained that the owner/chef is Philipino, while the Chef the Cuisine is Portuguese, but they both love Spanish cuisine. 


gradual smooth impression, slightly acidic, light aroma of roses

The first dishes arrived. The Lobster dish had the smooth texture from the unique blend of - avocado, lobster, papaya, chunks of lobster with scattered macadamia nuts and a balsamic vinaigrette. Too bad it had quite a few chopper cilantro leaves - I hate having them ruin this dish for me. The Cross Cut Ribs, is what the waitress recommended as their popular dish. To be honest I was not fully impressed. There wasn't much meat and it was a bit chewy, but had a lovely rub. It came with a side of rice and kimchi.

Our main dishes were quite worthwhile. Cheri loved the rare Duck fillets. They were fanned out on a thin base of orange flavoured amaranth with strokes of a chocolate sauce around. Hints of churizo sausage added another level of complexity.

My Mackerel was beautifully smoked - sweet apple hints and drips of green-pepper sauce. Came with a side of a few asian pear slices, I think. 


smooth, interesting, continuous

The food spoke of flavors. Every dish had a story behind it, I was impressed.

The dessert options were presented but they were just lacking in personality next to the mains. We shared their Enseimada - a puffed pastry topped with chocolate ice-cream, chocolate hazel-nut sauce, surrounded by a line of peanuts with a few mint leaves and a ball of mascapone.

Definitely an upcoming spot in Yorkville.

Overall.. a savory red Rioja.

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