Zooma Zooma


Recommended to us after our visit to the family owned Calamus winery, we made our way after tasting some beautiful white wines.


light and lively

Not the easiest to find on Lincoln's busy Main Street, our friend was quick enough to spot the slab-serif "z" in a small red circle. From the outside, beige blue siding with blue and white details, the best part was the halved bowling pin door handle.


rose petal, honeysuckle

The interior inside welcomed us with magenta red walls and a hand painted purple texture on top. Perhaps their inspiration was taken from the orchid flowers on the tables. My favourite part was the skylight area in the middle of the room with vinyl disks stylishly used for the interior decoration.


nectarine, litchi, hint of oak

As we settled down on one of their circular middle table, our menus arrived. Yes, Cheri felt special noticing the rectangle at the menu's header being almost the same wooden texture as our table. 

The young waiter let us know that their daily special was Breaded Parmesan Chicken and their daily soup - Cream Broccoli.

For drinks, ma sœur got a glass of the Calamus Pinot Gris we just tried, while I decided to give their Echos (Tawse) Riesling a try. Not one of my bright ideas, the Riesling was citrusy, dry and plane. The Pinot Gris was quite lovely though, sweet, peachy, off-dry. I slightly pushed Cheri for the Kensington beer, none of us had heard of it. He is not a big beer fan so we ended up switching. The Kensington Augusta Ale was great, smooth with a floral nose, I really enjoyed it.

I went for their special, with soup instead of salad in the side. Cheri got the Smoked Salmon Croissant. We also asked for their House Frites for the table. With light music in the background and lots of energy in the room, we waited. (perhaps it was the awesome company adding)


a buttery character; smooth, a bit heavy and spicy; 

truly delightful

Turns out I also got their House Frites on the side anyways. The Breaded Chicken was between thick buns, with tomato-onion salsa - a very heavy dish. The broccoli soup was great, a tad spicy but perfect for the chilli day. It came with dried, flat bread topped by sesames. Their Frites were pretty good, they came with sea salt on them and two sides - an interesting curry-mayo and smokey ketchup. 

Cheri's Smoked Salmon Croissant had cucumbers, red onion and a creamy dill sauce to go with the smoked salmon - light and delicious. The croissant was a bit on the hard, crispy side, but I thought it was better than a fresh, tender one which would've flattened after the first bite.


all comes together into a beautiful light aftertaste

Great ambiance, company, food and alcohol choices - definitely worth coming back!

Overall, a unique oaked Gewutraminer, definitely a new favourite.

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