"Why are you outside?" was the board welcoming us from the outside of Niche, on a Sunday morning. Just a few min back we researched a place in the area open for 9am breakfast and here we were!


deep coloured, new stylish label

Black awning, stamped wordmark, grey door - tres chic. 

Inside grey and white walls. The right wall was black cabinet-like, along it - high chairs and small wooden tables. Across was the bar area with a light-hearted guy behind it. As we looked at their hanging menus we asked if their brunch is on. He handed us the menus and asked us to take

a seat.

We sat on one of the shorter tables near the back, again wooden, made out of thich planks, with matching wooden chairs.


fruity - cassis, 

herbal sense

He gave us glasses or water. Cheri asked for a coffee, while I questioned their teas. He knew their long list of choices, I picked a camomile-lime one.

We were the first ones in. We looked through the 7 choices of dishes with the numerous sides. Without much thinking I went for their Niche Benedict, and cheri for their Smoked Salmon on a Bagel.


spicy hints

My loose-leaf tea came in an adorably packaged bag floating like a barrel. As we waited we heard a bit of music from kitchen. A few people joined us on the tables around. I was entertained looking at the handmade "Niche" 3D black serif type standing on the shelf in front of me. Underneath were branded boxes and coffee - a pretty solid brand. Cheri was distracted by the green tape on the sides still left from their painting on the grey wall behind me. I totally assumed its part of their design.


supple tannins rounded out with ripe fruit and light smokiness

Our meals arrived pretty quickly. They both came with a slice of orange and some sliced granny smith apple; both topped with plenty of arugula. To be honest, I was expecting more from my benedict. The hollandaise had a great texture but was a bit on the plain side, it was missing that herb or spice or something to make it special. Or was this perhaps part of the grand plan? stalling for another part? The pouched eggs were a bit runny (they way I love them), the peameal bacon was good and ahh.. here is the attention seeker - it is all served on one of their homemade cornbreads. It brought in a sweeter taste and a more moist texture to my meal. Not my favourite, but unique.

Cheri's Smoked Salon on a Bagel was topped with cream cheese, capers, red onion and in case I didn't mention - arugula! Typical and yummy. 

We didn't take long. Our waiter came by to check on us, came around with extra coffee and asked if I'd like

my water. 


juicy mouthfeel, red berry notes

Overall, a peaceful atmosphere. Happily surprised by the variety of dishes, when the place looks like another version of Starbucks. I would definitely be back for their Poached BLT, Deep Fried French Toast or perhaps their numerous desserts.

overall, a new world Cabernet Sauvignon (chilled)

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