Five Guys Burgers and Fries

My dad talked about this place opening next to his work, and how everyone was saying it has the best burgers in town.

It was about time I put it to a test.


thin, light-medium

My dad and I went for lunch on this corner plaza. This place was bright and hard-to-miss. Red type with Burger and Fries in a rectangle - all in a comic sans-like sans serif - friendly and cheap.



Once we entered, the line up was clearly created with piled large brown bags of potatoes. At the entrance, on top of them, there was a bag of salted, shelled peanuts and small, stacked, empty containers - a self-serve snack, without a note. (perhaps for the regulars)

There was a bit of a line up, but it was moving. On the side there were quotes of newspapers and critics admitting that their burgers are indeed amazing - a sure way to get people's expectations up..

It was all white inside with red highlights - vents, lamps, checkered tiles everywhere.


a bit of citrus

At the cash we ordered. My dad encouraged I go for their main one - bacon cheeseburger. He got the veggie sandwich. You also get any of the toppings.. and they white a few. I went for their lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions and mustard.

We took a seat, at one of their wooden tables. There were quite a few of us waiting. So now it comes to waiting your turn. My dad asked for a side of cajun mix. He said a lot of this colleagues eat it along with the fires. The burgers and made and dressed behind a low counter, everything is easy to see, but far away. I felt very disconnected from a process, they seemed to want to show.

The peanut snacks made sense, now that we sat waiting for at least 5min. My dad was saying that if people weren't pretending be so well behaved, they would be all tossing their empty shells on

the ground.


light, dry, zingy

And so, they called our number. The burgers came in a paper bag with number on them, and covered with warm fries. Thats a smart strategy to keep the food warm.

So the burger was not too impressive. Firstly, I will never get grilled veggies again. They are tasteless, the mushrooms especially - soft big chances. They felt more marinated and dipped in a grill-smelling sauce. The patty was very plain, hardly any spice, the cheese was process and the bacon, hardly there. Appart from that, the side of cajun spice mix was a nice addition for their fries.


bitter, short, leaving you feeling heavy

Overall, great atmosphere but perhaps it was my faut for going for grilled veggies. I noticed the had a bunch of their burgers in Little sizes and interesting cheese, bacon hotdogs..

Overall, a simple pilser.

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