Belly Buster Submarines

A previous colleague of mine said he loves this place, especially for a late night sub. Cheri and I finally made our way there, going to dance class.


light, bright yellow

Up on the hill north of Eglinton, looking for street parking, this corner place has a hard-to-miss sign - large, bold, wavy letters on sunny yellow-orange.


peach, lemon

It is a small place with a kitchen counter, diner tables on the side and a large photo collage wall at the back. They sure got their colour theory right - walls a shade of red with yellow countertops - get hungry and get out. Not as bright and happy as the storefront, an older Persian man asked what we'd like.


a bit of honey; light vinegar acidity and sulfates

We had a quick glance at their simple, old-looking menu boards behind and we asked for one Turkey-Bacon Sub and one Bellybuster Specialty Sub. We had a choice of whole wheat or white bread. He then asked if we want everything on it. After we peeked over the tall counter, we asked for olives and pickles as well. He was quick. Asked if we wanted the house sauce and mustard - "oh, yes". He microwaved the bacon. Placed in cheese and the cold cuts. For the Bellybuster he wanted to know if he should warm it up. We agreed and he microwaved it. Both subs were pretty large for a "small".


soft, short, clean

We sat at one of the yellow booths. Subs were cut in half. I first had my turkey-bacon one. It wasn't much out of the ordinary. We both agreed the bread is better than other sub restaurants. There were no paper thin cut veggies in there, like many other places. Overall, I quite liked how their special sauce was nothing mayo-based and heavy. It was light, I thought garlic and vinegar, but it turned out to be simpler than that - olive oil and vinegar. For the Bellybuster Specialty Sub, it made a difference being warm. It was meaty - beef, salami and mushroom. A lot of flavour, but I am not a fan of the way bread gets really soft and a bit mushy after begin microwaved. I would definitely suggest investing in a toaster oven or a panini grill.


short, sweet and one of many

We had apple juice on the side, and kind wished they had a LLBO licence for a beer or at least have a BYOB rule. After we were done, we made our way to the back wall. All photos were the same standard size, side by side, no space wasted. Wow, a lot of people seemed to have been here. Not sure if these were significant events but it really looks like a community gathering place. Lot of young people. The photos are slowly overtaking all the other walls.

overall.. a young Chardonnay (from the New World) with a future

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