Three Coins Open Kitchen

A friend of mine asked me for a good family breakfast place in north GTA and I gladly did the research for her.


medium-deep plum, with ruby notes

It is up on the hill of Richmond Hill, in the central area, where it gets cute and cozy. From across the street what looks like a white wall of blinds welcomes you. Both me and cheri agreed that there is a laundry room feel to it. It was the triangular sign up on top that made us realize that is not the case.


red berry, plum and cassis (a bit too diverse)

Inside, checkered and yellow walls, blue ceiling - quite a clash of colours for the morning, but relaxing to the eye following that bright white sign outside. In front of us - a long corridor with a bar-like area, facing the open kitchen grill and a girl telling us to sit where we wish. The place was packed and we didn't have much choice but to go towards the larger dining room, on the right side. It was rather busy and folks seemed to be a bit older, we both agreed that it felt like we are in some diner mid US. Posters of Marilyn Monroe and other of her era, including some decent cars, decorated the walls.


subtle oak, chocolate and anise

We got our menus, as were asked for tea and coffee. Skimming though the menu, I inquired about their smoothies. I was told that they are very good and that they are also out of them, as they didn't have milk. We found it silly that they couldn't go out and get a carton. Entertaining ourselves with the menu, Cheri couldn't help by notice their "Cream Chess" which I to inquire about.

(oh, yes, a typo)

Looking though their retro-flashy menu, it seems like a leaflet you get in the mail with pizza deals, except it was in the classic, plastic, double-fold pockets. Regardless of the visual overload, it was no doubt easy to navigate though. I had to try their benny which came with home fries, while cheri asked for their Western Omelette.

As we waited, I was surprised that there was no music playing, but soon enough It all clicked in my head. We noticed that each booth had something on their wall, (not the typical plasma tv), but an old-school juke box. That was probably the funnest part of this place.

We saw a couple leave so we quickly snatched their booth, but our seats were not left cold - a dad and his two kids quickly took our spots. The booth had a juke box, unlike our previous table, and was not right by the windows. Flipping though the oldies, we didn't have 25cents on us, so we asked our waitress a few times for a coin.


soft, well-balanced, tanins at the finish

My benny and his omelette arrived. We tasted them to the tune of the Beach Boys (Good Vibrations). We got a few smiles from people around. None else followed our juke box example, unfortunately. My Eggs Benedict was great - the bacon was substituted by lean English bacon, which they called ham. The hollandaise was great texture, not too buttery nor bland. The worst part of my plate were the home fries, they smelled like old grease. Totally not something I was gonna finish.

Cheri's Western Omlette was nothing out of the ordinary - green peppers, ham, onion and egg with a nice side of cucumbers and tomatoes. He though it was perhaps a tad too salty. We took our time finishing our dishes. Half of my benny really filled me up.


leaving a pleasant mouthfeel

I have to admit, even though those blinds looked uninviting from the outside, we were more than glad they were there. That sunlight would have made us boil, as it was getting just a bit steamy with them down and the AC on.

Overall.. a decent Merlot 

(poor label at first glance, but quite worth it)

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