Le Trou Normand


Cheri wanted to go out for lunch in the area, but he was thinking more of Hazelton Hotel's One - an impressive patio and facade, but a mundane, overpriced menu.

A an everyday Caesar for $20? I don't know..


light, lemon yellow

I randomly saw the welcoming, decorated gate entrance to this cute patio and suggested it instead. The restaurant name being part of the fence, looks very authentic. I am just not a fan of the flat red family crest placed on top.


citrusy and herbaceous 

Welcomed by an older man, the long patio had greens, cobblestone-like floor, square tables and round ornamented chairs. He was rushing to clean up and get everything ready, as we were the first to start our 11:40 lunch. 

There were a few posters on the sides. We didn't actually end up going inside, but it seemed fancy - window-like wall facing the patio. I decided to see what was recommended in the Urbanspoon reviews.. It runs out people don't even wants their enemies to come here.. * gulp *


easy-going, hint of apple (a bit cold - 

5 degrees


Already sitting, we were in too deep to walk up and leave. We though that people are probably exaggerating for the sake of being entertaining. That same older man seemed very polite and caring. He let us know their specials and let us take our time. Their warm brown soft menus were nicely de-bossed while the inside was crammed with a lot of outlined type. Cheri instantly chose their Foie de Veau, while I went for one of their daily special - Cod Salmon filet with saffron and cream sauce. I was tempted and decided to give in to a glass of Blanc de France, while Cheri had to keep it sober.

It was quiet and a bit chilly. We had a lady hand us two slices of warm baguette each and a plate butter while we waited. The saltshaker was not working so asked our waiter who quickly apologized, switched them and let us know its probably the moisture of them being outside.  If I was a germaphobe I might be freaking out, but I didn't mind much. 

Soon enough, it warmed up enough for us to break a sweat. French songs were playing in the background and a few tables around us started filling up around us.


a bit dry, light bodied (served too chilled), mellow

Our dishes arrived in big white places, elegantly presented. We both agreed to fresh peper. Cheri's liver was roasted in garlic and toped with a few chive springs. Surrounded by some of its sauce and steamed vegetables, it was an easy and simple dish. I didn't feel like trying it, but cheri finished it in no time. (I had to add, he is knows to enjoy bland food) My Cod-Salmon filet was also decorated with chive springs, covered in a light creamy sauce it also came with a side of steamed veggies and rice. The saffron scent was subtle, more predominant was the coarsely crushed pepper it was already baked in. It was also light on flavours and very simple. Everything felt very healthy.


clean, refreshing, crisp

Both dishes were not tuned to the same European flavours we got too used to during our vacation,

so it was hard to judge. On top of all, this French mood got us in a bit of an argument so were a bit out of it. Regardless, the ambiance and manners of the serving staff made us both feel very welcome.

overall.. a light, mellow white blend

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