Le Canard Mort


Waiting the regular Lady Marmalade line, we couldn't ignore the duck gesture sketch logo next door. So we made a reservation on their half-price drinks day - Wednesday.


dark plum purple

Big open door-windows, flowers, white, careless, handwritten type on black background with a spiral, gold, duck sketch on the door.


rip black cherry and berry aromas

It was empty and kind of spacious inside - dark red and green tones all arround, felt very right. We were the first people to come in at 6:30. The waiter, greeted us and asked to pick our spot. We sat by the window, where you can hear the busy queen street. He instantly offered to close the large windows, but they added a nice fresh breeze I wasn't willing to give up.


honeysuckle, prune, trces of oak

He handed us two pieces of paper each (not the weight a menu deserves) with their duck logo nicely screened back in the background, as well as the restaurant name (fighting a bit with the items). Reading through the simple, well-spaced type, we decided to try many appetizers because they seem to be the playground for chefs. The main courses are somewhat typical due to their price and portion. That, and some wines. Asking for their wine selection, the waiter read a few off a private list and I asked to take a look at that used-up paper.

After his attempt to explain to me what is a Charminer variety, I decided to order it. Cheri asked for their Primitivo wine.

To start, we ordered their Duck Confit Poutine and Tomatoes Grilled Asparagus & Chevre Salad

(due to their beet, pear salad being out).


gentle, fresh, medium body, round

Our wines made their way quickly. My Charminer (which is really a bled of Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer) turned out to be fruity, light with a bit of a zing - exactly what I felt like having. The Pimitivo was a heady deep red.

The music playlist was a bit random, but as couples started arriving - it was getting really cute and cosy.

The Duck Confit Poutine arrived in a deep bowl-like dish. The shredded duck was a bit on the dry side, but the brie in cognac made up for it. Topping it with mushrooms and peppercorn really work well. The Salad was not too special, the asparagus was a bit too raw, but the balsamic vinegar and chevere made it work.

As we lingers on our plates, we heard our waiter recommend a few wines to the side tables and also talked about their sweetbreads. So we asked for their Estrada Creek Chardonnay and Cab Franc/Merlot with our sweetbreads. The Chardonnay was clean and crisp (not too impressive). The CabFranc/Merlot was great - oaky and a bit spicy. The Crispy Fried Sweetbreads also made their way. We picked the blue cheese aioli option, which was a great contrast with the sweet, slightly hot and garlicky bread sauce. The breads themselves were nothing special, they looked like fried chicken balls and came with a lovely arugula salad.


good mouthfeel, easy-drinking style

For dessert (there was no menu) we took their cheesecake, as the waiter recommended. It was kind of neat - a build-it-yourself style cheesecake. Cream cheese paste surrounded by a cranberry-raspberry filling and pie crumbs on one side. Not presented very cleanly, but really fun to eat.

overall.. a tasty Petite Syrah

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