Saving Grace

We came here back in the winter, 15min before opening and entered as it was unlocked. We were quickly asked to leave and didn't make it back until now.

This time we came after 11 and it look 30min to be invited. Oh and the common etiquette is that you put your name on the clipboard hanging on the inside front frame - wait list.


medium-light golden, attractive

Outside bright, highlighter pink and green with contrasting details and a right-on green bench. This place is hard to miss - there are people always standing around. After almost being skipped, as the waitress felt like reading the list the opposite way, it was our turn.


butterscotch, stuffy - needing air

Inside, very simple and trying to look bigger than is - white walls, black lamps and a large mirror. It reminded me of a fitting room, especially being warm and stuffy. That might have also been because we were sat on the small top floor overlooking everyone. All I have to say is, thank god for the high-ceilings adding some space and air.


hazelnut, hint of cinnamon

Setting down, we were entertained by the sun revealing the previous store sign underneath.

Cups with steaming ice and a charming airtight glass water bottle came on our table. They gave out either this type of a bottle or a wine olive-green glass one, both pretty cool.

I asked for the Strawberry-Agave Shake. We were quick with our food order, feeling a bit exposed to ally eh other waiting outside. I was hoping to have space at the end for that popular French Toast with Caramelized Bananas, as we really felt like something more substantial before. We got their Rajasthani Eggs and the Old White Cheddar Sandwich.

As we waited, I noticed the cute chalk-board with a version of the menu on the wall. I  kind of wished I read it earlier. A bunch of people were having the iced fresh ginger, looked interesting. Also, we were entertained by the sun revealing the previous store sign underneath in front of us.


smoky, spicy, smooth texture yet drying

My shake came warm and I was ready to whine for ice, but it turned out that there was a big cube near the bottom. The shake was too think to let it swim out though. It was that same steaming ice, making my drink ice-cold in a few minutes. I was quite happy and impressed; it held the chill for some time. It was a bit sweet, but the light yogurt base was a great balance.

Next came out plates. I started off with half of the Old White Cheddar Sandwich. It came well toasted with grill marks, a spring salad and their house potatoes. The bread added a lot of interest to this dish, as it was whole-wheat raisin with a few walnut pieces. The insides were tomatoes, avocado and a yummy rosemary mayo. The cheese only got a bit of attention, competing with all the tastes going on, but overall it was delicious and a bit heavy.

The Rajasthani scrambled eggs had a very spicy red-onion, tomato chickpea masala. There was also a side of herbed, corn paratha and a side of potatoes. The cilantro and sour-cream were essential in my tolerance of this dish, but still not enough. Rajasthani is definitely not for my tummy in the morning, but I it has a hidden purpose - to make you sweat so that this room no longer feels warm or stuffy.


hint of melon-pineapple and freshness

I wish I had space for dessert, perhaps next time I will sharpen my sweet tooth from the beginning.

Whoa, getting out makes you appreciate the breezy cool weather outside, even if it is mid 30C.

overall.. an intense (stifle) Chardonnay

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