Pure Spirits Oyster Bar


Summerlicious in Distillery!

I really wanted to try the Boiler House but two days in a row they had a private function, so as recommended by them, I booked our reservation with their sister company.


dark, deep

Quite a few people cramming by the front of this brick and dark green building. A large metal cut sign above, although I am normally not for stencil type at a gourmet restaurants. After saying we have a reservation, we passed all the people standing around and entered through the double wide open door.


raspberry, hints of plum

Inside brick, wood, black counter tops - looking great. A bit of a cellar feel, from the grungy lights and the racks of bottles on the wall. We were given a spot outside.

The patio is the perfect proportion - definitely not tiny European style, but rather laid back enough to notice but not be in people's conversations. Again dark tables, shiny chairs, big umbrellas and flowers on the side.


spicy notes

, bits of bitter chocolate

We were given their well-put menus with the logo debossed on the black leather covers. We enjoyed reading about the different oyster descriptions, described as if wine. They sounded very intriguing, and could be ordered in singles. Definitely worth going for a night to taste them all.

The summerlicious menu has a wineglass closeup photo on the back and front, a bit random and hard to notice.

I ordered their Grilled Calamari to start and Atlantic Salmon Fillet after. Cheri had their Mixed Garden Leaves followed by a Grilled AAA Alberta Striploin. Our waitress said we can wait up on desserts for now. They also had a special short wine list. We ordered Jackson-Triggs Reserve Sauvignon Blanc for our appetizers followed by a glass of JT Reserve Merlot to go with Cheri's stake and a glass of Woodbridge Chardonnay for my salmon.


full bodied,

a bit still, dry

Tap water and bread quickly arrived on our table. With a basket-like fold, the buns were warm and fresh served with creamy, light, salted butter on the side. Our appetizers didn't take long either. Cheri's Salad was worthwhile thanks so the nice touch of smoked almonds and the sweet champagne vinaigrette. I had a little trouble eating my calamari as they were hardly cooked. There was a heavy grill/smoke smell but if I was to have any unpleasant thoughts, I wouldn't have been able to get through. I have to add though, I am not much into chewy cartilage kind of textures.

Next came my salmon with a chiumichurri baked glaze(a bit burned) on top of a crispy polena, with a side of garlic vegetables all in soubise sauce. Overall great, but salmon a tad overcooked. My Chardonnay was better than I expected - flowers, pear, and spice. Cheri's striploin was a beauty - tender and juicy, it came on top of mashed potatoes, vegetables  in sweet balsamic sauce (vincotto). His Merlot was heavy with hints of raspberry, blueberry and bits of spice. Cheri left a bit of it, and I finished it off with my Decadent Chocolate Mousse. It was orgasmic, especially since my mousse came in a dark chocolate shell on raspberry jam and a few sprinkled peppercorns - the wine was a beautify match. Cheri had their gelato, and he was quite happy.


smooth, lasting

Throughout, we couldn't help but notice the big, strange, orange plastic containers with gas on every table, but we never saw them work.

The patio was even better at sunset and after a few glasses of wine. 

overall.. a unique Malbec.

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