Lady Marmalade

People have asked me what my favourite restaurants are, and strangely enough I never wrote about them. Perhaps, its some kind of selfish back thoughts, that I like to keep them gems untouched. Or perhaps being afraid that my benchmark places might end up disappointing me for whatever reason. Either way, I have decided to start.

On my way to the beaches, if I ever have over an hour and an appetite, I am coming in. (not to mention, if I feel like spoiling myself with the city's top bennies)


light, bright

Light green and yellow front with well-tracked, hand-painted, elegant serif type and always a long line, you can't miss this little hub on Queen East. Recently they have started opening their windows, hopefully soon enough they'll figure out a way to make all front window panels retractable.





As the line gets shorter and you enter there is a curtain, to separate people in line from drooling on others' food, or giving them looks. To entertain the hungry crowd there is a wall with all kinds of small local artists and events happening. On top of that, the walls inside have local art. This time there was some really neat photographs with perspective lines of thread on top and some 3D photo collages. The green walls everywhere and energy of people give this place the feel of spring morning. My favourite part of this place is that no two chairs match, same goes with their cutlery and there's also a variety of tables.


light honeysuckle, hints of apple and mineral

The long line realistically took about 30min - not bad, at all. Once we sat down menus were quickly given out to us. They are rather flimsy, and these were also wet. There has always been a doodle-like portrait at the front, a bit too tight around the edges. Cheri is convinced its Muammar Guddafi, but our waitress didn't seem to think so. We saw a special on their little chalk stand-up board - french toast with banana caramel so we had to give it a shot. Also, to share, one of my favourites -Brie, Avocado, Bacon Benny. My other benny recommendations are the Ham, Red Option and Chipotle Mayo and the Cheddar, Bacon and Mango Salsa.


medium-light bodied, light acidity, smooth

Their caramel banana french toast seemed to be too popular, so we went with their second best option - Chocolate Raspberry. Getting our food took some time, no matter how long it would've been, its worth the flavour. The hollandaise is just the perfect texture, the eggs are just the right amount of solid & liquid and the brie, bacon, green onion and avocado just make it above and beyond. With a pinch of paprika/chipotle (perhaps a bit on the stingy side), a side of home-made fries and a small bowl of salad this is all I can ever ask for.

We had never tried their french toast, and what a mistake that is. With a few fruits on the side and a side of maple syrup, this chunk of sweet goodness is not to miss. I kept on wandering how this dish was possibly made - there wasn't a single dry or undercooked part, also hardly any air inside. This bread was made to be a fresh toast (not just a last minute decision) and my assumption - it just came out of the oven. It was a generous chunk, definitely for sharing. A bit on the heavy side though, with chocolate chips and berries inside, topped with chocolate syrup and raspberry jam.


sweet notes of flower and light spice

Energizing like spring - the bright, local, small community feel together with mouth-watering food draws me to Lady Marmalade again and again.

As for the line, there's always one.

overall.. a warm, aged Riesling with a soul.

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