Mill Street Brewpub

Working in the distillery, its hard not to hear about this place. I once went for drinks after work and I was very curious to come back.


dark, hint of brick

On Pure Spirits Mew and Tank House Lane, the distillery is the perfect place for this delightful brewery/restaurant. Brick walls make a great background for the red-wooden logo. Black & red umbrellas and flowers in the front patio are very inviting to everyone.I got there 15min earlier, was given a cell-phone like beeper and was told there is a 20min wait for the patio which was realistically 40min. The weather was great and the beeper worked all around the distillery, so you are alright if you want to explore.


blackcurrant, pepper and spice

In we went, and what a long walk to get to the back patio.. we passed a bright sunny bar area, a few large brass kettles behind glass like monuments in the middle, an area with awesome graphic wallpaper and finally the back patio. I loved the lively ambiance all throughout and surprisingly I didn't get a corporate feel at all, apart from my feet feeling it.

We were seated at two wooden tables, side by side, next to a wall made of brick-looking pieces of wood, overlapping randomly and sticking out. The best part of that wall was the heat it radiated after the sunset.



hint of plum

Our waitress was quick to greet us, and we knew what we were having - a pitcher of Wit. This Belgian style, unfiltered, wheat beer is smooth and refreshing served with slices of orange. All of you, not-too-much-beer-fans, this is a way to get hooked. But I ordered too quickly. Flipping through the menu, their Wednesday special is Flat bread & flight of 4 brews.

Our waitress was super cool and knowledgeable. I was curious to ask her about the building, as rumor has it - it is not their primary brewery. It turns out only two brews are produced there. Their main breweries are in Peterborough and Ottawa. It was a long wonder on my side as regards to my dish this evening. All dishes are made with beer. After asking for recommendations, although unsure, I ordered the Herb Marinated Chicken Wrap. Cheri and Valya ordered her first recommendations, which they wanted straight from the beginning, Flat Iron Cobb Salad and Ontario Pulled Pork.

Our pitcher came quickly with the awesome Wit beer.  It was a bit of a wait for the food but I am not surprised, with the amount of people there. The weather was perfect - the sun had set and there was a light breeze.


supple and round, hint of iron

The food was nicely arranged, nothing too special. My Marinated Chicken Wrap was better than expected. The cucumber tortilla was warm and crispy. It started with sweet notes followed by spicy ones. It was the tomato avocado salsa and chipotle mayo that spiced it up, while the chicken, brie, and green onion balanced it out. I think the sauce in there was the beer ingredient or the chicken marination (or so I'd like to think because otherwise I got the only dish no the menu without beer in it). My side of hand-cut fries were great.

Cheri's Pulled Pork sandwich was really big and to be completely honest, smelled like blood to me. The smoked jalapeñoand the smoked Gouda was hardly noticeable but the apple-cabbage slaw was a really nice touch.

Valya was very happy with her Cobb Salad, but I was too full with my dish to give it a taste. The dessert list looked decent but not for today.


smooth with a hint of chocolate

Overall, I was happy with the food and the service. I would love to try that recommended Flat Iron Cobb Salad, or the Fish and Chips, or better off that 4 brews deal on a Wednesday! Also, their Coffee Porter sounds almost dessert-like.

overall.. a flavourful Shiraz 

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