Geneva Crepe Bistro

Late Sunday morning, Kingston is a dead man's city, and also heaven for free street parking.


pale straw, a bit unambitious

Not hard to find, but rather hard to notice from the outside,  was this European inspired creperie.


complex meledy of fruit aromas, pear

Once inside, small marble-like tables with pink flowers look great against the bright yellow and red walls.

The day was gloomy but warm so we went for their patio - a bit lonely, and too wide and open to be European. The unique black, plastic chairs added as well as the black umbrellas. It is rather cute that it is on a small side street, by a church.


citrus, with a honey backbone

The menus were my least favourite part in  this restaurant - populated with their low resolution wordmark and very text heavy. The idea of their logo is not bad - a combination of an elegant script (unfortunately very spaced out and with a white outline) and an intriguing serif typeface underneath, but placing it on a heavy black stroke-of-lowres-paint texture is the problem. The part of it I liked was the short paragraph at the beginning stating the importance of supporting local farmers and seasonal produce. I think every restaurant should somehow inform what they do which makes them special - most other industries so.

Cheri went with their Vegetarian Panini, which he found on the separate sheet with specials. I was very interested in trying their Bombay Crepe (curry, chicken, cranberry and cocos) but it didn't really feel like breakfast to me. I went with another interesting one Cordon Blue. Reading though, they specialize more in their fancy coffee drinks. I went for their Nutellino - espresso topped with whipped cream and a spoon of nutella, I got it decaf but the sweetness woke me up. 


sweet but subtle aromas

Our order didn't take long. My Cordon Blue savoury crepe was nicely layed out on the plate - square fold with Hollandaise sauce swirled on top. Little piles of tomato and parsley on all four corners seemed to be signature for all dishes. My favourite part was the fact that my crepe was a bit on the well-done side, almost as if there was traces of cheese in the batter. Inside it was an interesting combination of chicken, ham, baby spinach and swiss cheese - all very light. May be my taste-buds were out after that flavourful Nutellino, though.

Cheri's ciabatta Panini was cut in half and tightly packed with some  tomatoes, provolone, lots of mixed greens and hint of garlic. It said that there would be fresh herbs but I just tasted basil. An herbs de provence mix would've been ideal, as well as some flavourful balsamic vinegar, in my opinion.


crisp and dry near the end

Next time we decide to check out this place, we are sitting inside and trying out their sweet crepes.

I have to add, I find it odd that their website stresses the fact that this place is 'A Taste of Paris in the heart of Kingston' but why name it after a city in Switzerland?

overall.. a light Pinot Gris

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