So this was our choice for father's day. It turned out to be right during a Little Italy festival, so the streets were wild and the music was loud. Parking? Ideal for bikers.


pale gold

On a tiny street off college, the restaurant letters inside circles are nicely organized on the white awning. Not too special from the outside - a relatively big concrete patio, not much of plants, black metal furnishings outside. Inside, long tables on one side (a bit of a cafeteria feel) but the shinning white kitchen on the side is nowhere close to hiding - proudly drawing attention. 


minerals, apricot, peach

It was one warm day, with possibility of showers but we still took the chance and sat outside, even though a table inside the cool restaurant with wide open windows was waiting for us.

We sat down for some time, as we all got there early. We were asked if we wanted, quite a few options of, water. We just went with filtered, assuming it is the simplest. We later realized it was $18. I would argue that is ridiculous, but the bright side is that they encourage people to experiment with wine / beer.


honeysuckle notes, slight nuttiness

Unlike the repetitive awning wordmark, the single sheet menu had a simple A inside a glassmark print shifted on the different menus - a nice touch, I thorough. All was well organized. We were told about their Acadia Tasting 5/9 course, as the price was reduced by a bit. We should've probably went with it, but we though it would be a lot of food. So we instead ordered two of their sides to munch on, before mom and dad arrived - Acadia's Cornbread and Wild Rice & Quinoa Pilaf. They took some time to arrive.


smooth, silky, luscious

Once all 6 of us gathered, we decided to all order separate drinks and share a bunch of plates, as a matter of fact all the 5 main plates (Pickerel, Albacore, Veal Cheek, Salmon and Artichokes) and 2 of the appetizers (Maryland Pawn and Anson Mills Grits). I ordered their '11 Norman Hardie Pinot Gris and had a taste of their sweet '09 Ravine Riesling and citrusy '10 Smoke & Gamble Chardonnay. My Pinot Gris had hints of limestone, a light, floral nose and smooth palette. I was quite happy, especially seeing quite a few local beers and wines on their menu.

Honestly, every single dish created an experience of its own. They were all extremely well cooked, presented and combined with all other flavours on the plate. If I was to pick out the most memorable ones, they would be the Anson Mills Grits (a melody of oyster, shrimp, hint of ham and pimento cheese creating a puree-like dish, beautiful texture) and the Lake Erie Picherel (tender filet embraced in a unique grape-mustard sauce, succotash mix and two fish boudin spheres). I must add, the table's favourite was the Wild Rice Pilaf - good amount, easy for sharing and an interesting combination of raisins and pecans.


long, intricate with slight citrus tones

Next time I will try their Acadia Tasting 5 course meal.

Acadia is not the place to go to, unless you are an enthusiast of flavour experience and a true believer that less is more. This was some of the most beautiful food I have had on Canadian soil, as well as some of the smallest sized portions.

Overall.. a delicate, beautiful Chardonnay.

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