Yellow Cup

I had no idea we were going anywhere special on our way to Burlington. To my surprise, this place really brightened up my Friday morning.


rich pear yellow

Wood and brick front, a nice patio and an energetic yellow cup logo. To be honest, the cup by itself would be enough.. The screaming letters through the elegant cup of balance plus they remind me of Texas for some reason. Perhaps embracing the concrete flat plaza, lots of empty space for parking.


floral tones, lots of variety (a bit overwhelming)

It was kind of chilly so the patio wasn't open. Inside, yellow, yellow and some more yellow! Ever though it's relatively a big space, it's homey. We started reading the boards with the menu. The are quite a few - crapes, waffles, wraps, soups, sandwiches, and ahh breakfast! A lady interrupted us saying this line up is for after we have ordered. I felt incompetent but there is so much clutter than I didn't notice any signs to help us newcomers out. So we ordered to a lady who was by the kitchen. They had a wide variety of loose-leaf teas. By the cash, the credit machine is inside a cup cut in half hanging on the wall like a holder. We lined up to pay, took our teas and number to sit down.


backed pear, hint of walnut

I would say these guys paid a lot of attention to details but it's more like this place has to many details to begin with, the big picture can be lost. It feels like you are in the house of a lady who is into arts and crafts. Its cute, don't get me wrong. We were lucky to see an open table and quickly took it. The tables and chairs were simple, wooden and tall. I guess they helped create some order in this place.


smooth, sweet, complex

Cheri was convinced these guys are famous for crapes so he had taken a Ham and Asparagus Crape, while I decided to give their Benedict a try. While we waited, he showed me the ceiling - each square plank was covered with a different coffee bag - that was probably my favourite part of this place. Overall the food was good, nothing out of the ordinary apart from the fact that they used parsley in everything, possibly because the owner is polish. My benny was decent, the hollandaise was a great texture but lacking in flavour. The fires had quite a few spices on them.. i quite enjoyed them. Cheri's crape was good, but the marinade on the asparagus was a bit too overwhelming. 


good acidity at the finish, surprisingly refreshing and light

I wished we had more space to take a dessert. I am leaving this for next time, as I am bringing my sister here for her birthday, she'll love this place.

Overall.. a Vidal Icewine - fresh but with a unique history.

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