Meat & Bread

After a short walking tour around downtown Vancouver we ended up in Gastown and were highly recommended this place by out tour guide.


clean, bold

The line up on a Saturday afternoon starts from the door.

An all windowed wall with a thin black frame is invaded by the narrow, bold, white word-mark on the glass.


delicate, pear aroma

Inside it is warm, full of life and light. It is a long space - small tables by the window, a big main social table for anyone/everyone and then a few more small tables near the back. Chairs, lights, frames, menus all back, while the back wall is old white-painted brick that looks like its falling apart. Cheri lined up quite I fetched us a tiny table, as they are scarce. Of course this happened after we checked out their washrooms, which had vintage furniture and details as well as interesting framings ( like a poster explaining the parts of a cow).


lively, light smoke and oak hints

This place has little selection, so on can't get to picky/confused and is well worth the wait. I decided we are getting the Porchetta, the Turkey Confit and the Grilled Cheese (that our tour guide talked so enthusiastically about) with two of their Phoenix beers. While in line, you get to watch them make the sandwiches - it really works on your appetite. Saying that, anyone vegetarian will be scarred for life. I took a few photos and a man with an Australian accent came to talk to me (I think the owner). For a sec I though I was in trouble but he soon said he just wants to make sure the guys look good and there are no funny faces.


medium-bodied, smooth, intriguing

Soon enough the sandwiches were each loaded on charming thin wooden boards, with a strip of wax paper and with a blob of the appropriate sauce on the side (usually mustard). The grilled cheese took longer though.

The Porchetta was great. The meat had a bit too much fatty pieces for my liking, but the salsa verde inside and the crispy skins were amazing. The Turkey confit was quite interesting combination of flavours - chipotle glaze, fennel, red onion, and a yogurt-base sauce. It had a strange smell to it, I did not mind right then but I know some days I would definitely not want that smell even close to me. The grilled cheese was brought out for us, it was light and melting in my mouth.


evolving, living

Loved the lively ambiance, the light rock music in the background, the cozy lightness and simple interior and menu.

Overall a unique Chardonnay

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