Le Petit Dejeuner

Le Petit Dejeuner


Our celebratory breakfast at 10am after picking up mon cheri's adorable Mini Knighsbridge, turned out to be on a gloomy March morning.

light, unimpressive, confused
This tiny place is not one you'd find unless you are looking. It has black front facade (like every other place)and a random wooden plank at the top - replacing the old red painted front. There is a not-too-memorable logo just on the window and a Stiegl sign hanging above the entrance.. really challenging the hierarchy. This tiny place is squeezed between a Gabby's and a brick building with some construction at the front.

lacking voice, true to the terroir
As we entered a lady quickly waved that we don't come in the second door. She poked her head out and said it'll be a 10min wait. It was more like 15-20 but we were the first in line so, we were hopeful.
We were sat at a relatively wet table with wet menus.. just smudged with water.

So this place is a narrow space between those two buildings. The brick facade from one building is just left as a wall inside with photo frames hang off of it, while the other one is a mix of wall and plastic wood.

crisp, apple aroma, a bit of chemical
We quickly ordered teas and coffee followed by our main course. I tried their signature Toast Champignon with a Poached Egg. I was telling Cheri to try their Apple and Brie Panino, which he was a bit sceptical about but the dijon mustard sold him. We ordered his dad their Eggs Benny with peameal bacon.

Cheri's dad went to the washroom and return saying that if it was Russia, this place would be long gone - sued by the health inspection. I went for a tour down to wash my hands and it was rather smelly and wet in this basement.

unexpected, medium-bodied, with a light spicy twist
The food arrived. My Toast Champignon with Poached Egg consisted of a bagel in half topped with chopped mushrooms, pieces of bacon sauteed in a mix of herbs (probably herbs de province). Underneath was a potato rosti (like a grated hash brown) and there was a side of apple slices, pickle slices and mustard - odd but very nice. Of course my pouched egg was there too..a bit out of place - right on top. It was tasty, apart from the fact that the chef dropped the salt shaker while sautéing the mushrooms. Next, cheri's Panino was great. The toasts were burned (I had no problem with that) and inside were apple slices, melted brie and a beautiful spicy dijon mustard. He said a tad of honey would have been perfect - a valid point. I did not try his dad's Eggs Benny but I have to say it was tiny and did not look like anything special. I kind of felt bad for ordering it for him..

a pleasant, inspiring aftertaste
Overall, I would say someone in the back really knows how to create surprising but pleasant combinations. The restaurant part of the place needs some work though.

overall.. a surprising Riesling, unfortunately bottle sick.

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