Bonjour Brioche

Bonjour Brioche

I did not understand what the hype is all about when it comes to a brioche pastry. It is an airy, plain bread which slightly resembles a muffin. Regardless, it was going to be a french-style bakery so I was all in.

simple, bubbly
From the outside, it is right by a lonely bridge, but the blue and yellow awning paired with the smell of warm bread made it very welcoming.

light and mixed, some green fresh fruit
Inside it is tiny and people line up near the middle when waiting for a table.. Kind of weird, I thought. As we sat down we did not take our eyes off the pastries, which we had once come by to try. The new bunch of plain de chocolate had just left the oven and were quick to finish. 
The tables have an old looking, colorful patterned tablecloth. The laminated single sheet menus are simple and I find amateur, but do the trick. A beige yellow and orange background is interrupted by blue spirals and black type - too much clutter.

some sulphates, a bit sweet
Our waiter had thick-framed glasses and tried hard to act French, when pronouncing the items on the menu - a bit overdone for my liking, but polite nonetheless. 
I decided to try their Croque Madam, as it was the only brioche consisting dish, while Cheri had their meatloaf sandwich.
As we waited, we enjoyed the smallest wall, as it was completely filled with frames. It had a certain charm to it. Throughout our wait, Edith Pief songs were making my day.

astringent, easy-going, dry
It did not take long. My Croque Madam consisted of a toasted brioche with ham and gruyere cheese, covered by an egg and topped with a few chives. It came with a side of greens. Overall it was small and lite. This is probably why I had a random piece of baguette on the side too. I would have wished my egg was runny, as it felt so plastic. The meatloaf sandwich was great. It was on a perfect baguette - crispy outside with white marks of flower, and inside soft and airy. The meat in combination with caramelized onions and dijon mustard, made the sandwich.

light but lively
hat I found really made the experience was the crowd - ppl of all ages constantly rotating. 

overall.. a new Prosecco

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