Sadie's Diner

A vegan diner, rated at one of the top 10 in Toronto seemed like a good cure of my hangover.


fresh, bright

This this one colourful, happy corner house. Blight blue siding and red highlights really lifted my mood. Inside, a yellow room with small ornaments everywhere.


peach and citrus notes - crisp

The waitress mumbled something, which I interpreted as seat yourself down, but as I kept walking she grew some confidence and asked: "For two?" We sat down near the front, on one of the many cyan tables and red sofa-booths. We were facing a tall, solid, metal kitchen counter - probably the least attractive part of the restaurant.


light toasty oak, sulfite


The waitress was odd, she seemed almost scared to talk to us and occasionally she would just go away without answering or listening. Better off was the time when we'd make eye contact and she would not come over. Soon enough another girl with thick framed glasses and a white wig took over our table. As cheri pointed out, people seemed on the artistic hippie side. The menu was interesting, with a few mexican dishes. We decided to go with their all-day breakfast: Huevos Rancheros and French Toasts with veggie bacon. I also took a Mango Smoothie to add to my three choices of liquids to drink, figured I need the hydration plus it did say a juice bar at the front.


light-bodied, clean, tart

My mango smoothy with banana base unfortunately took almost as long as the food to make it to our table. It is was very thick and took some work coming up the straw but quite yummy once it made there. The Huevos Rancheros did not really feel like breakfast - plain eggs over crunchy corn tortillas with lettuce, a bit of cheese and salsa on top. There was also a side of guacamole (probably the best part of this dish). The company of ketchup and hot sauce to the dish was for granted - may be the wake-up part of the breakfast. This dish proved difficult to eat, as the big tortillas were messy to lift up and bite as well as too crunchy to cut with a fork and a knife. This resulted in an urgent consumption.. not my cut of tea. The French Toasts came with this very pink fat-free-looking bacon, which tasted like paper and smelled like perfume (the texture was almost real, though.) The toasts were probably wonder bread, well soaked in egg. To be honest they were on the plain side as well and I would've reasoned its due to the fact that the dish comes with meat, but the icing sugar on top was then out of place and not to mention the stingy maple syrup which came along with the dish. As much as I sound very bitter, my expectations were not high, the interior was entertaining and I was happy to be eating after my

eventful night.


under developed, with potential

The initial plan was to get those buckwheat waffles or pancakes in the end but I gave up and cheri didn't feel like deserting by himself. I have to add on my way to the washrooms they have a neat toy collection behind glass and the washrooms themselves are sure odd narrow rooms with a wall by the toilet, but no door.

a young, unique Chardonnay-Semillon lacking in depth

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