Pan Chanco

Randomly read about this place, as I planned a day in Kingston so I figured good pastries are always welcome in my stomach.


cold, off-white, clean

A big, a bit isolated building. Yellow and green paint (and many other coloured details); big windows; two lonely benches on the side; clean, sans-serif, uber-legible type.. to be honest I was expecting a cuter bakery, but this felt rather corporate, trying to be homey.


crisp, mainstream

Baskets of breads, buns muffins, scones on the sides, by the windows, direct light (harsh shadows), white walls. No bread smell. A bit of a dark back bakery room seen, then a bar area, cash registers across. A fridge with cakes, pastries followed by a separation of a cheese fridge just before the back, sit down cafe.


citric, pungent

The back cafe felt cosier compared to the chaotic front. Small, warm lighting, back alley-view. I was sat down with me, myself and I at a cute corner table. Cutlery wrapped in colourful towels, all were different. A trendy, clean feel at the bar.


yeasty, dry, herbaceous

Waiter instantly came to check on me. I asked for the herbal teas, picked a lime one. Once it came I realized it is a black tea and the waiter instantly saw my look and ran for a chamomile one. Asked for honey on the side, it was yummy.

I probably should've tried their yam fries, which a lady next to me had.. looked great and quite a few people had soups. But I really felt like breakfast so I went with their Weekender (eggs, bacon in a croissant, with cheddar or chives).. as it came, with a side of salsa-like sauce, I though I had confused the meal as it had no cheese, but looking back at the menu the cheddar and chives should've been on there. I honestly was a bit dissapointed, the croissant was nothing special and overall the meal was rather plain.

I blame my high expectations on croissants from the ones I had in France.. nothing seems to be able to live up to those - flaky, crispy, yet soft inside where you can almost peel every layer..

I did have their chocolate-almond croissant on my way out, which was not bad in terms of taste, but the texture and warmth was missing. Overall, fresh pastries should not be placed by the cold windows and near the exit.


involved, short, simple

This place seems undecided.. not only feel-wise: homy-corporate, selling pastries as well as dairy and cheeses.. (trying to be a superstore) but also due to the fact that the cafe of this bakery probably has better lunch (non-bread) meals than breakfast ones. .. I would just like to go back, knowing its just an independent small restaurant not related to the bakery. They had a wine list to try out too.

overall..  an unresolved sauvignon blanc

(from a growing winery)

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