Elgin Street Diner


Determined to follow our intuition while wandering around Ottawa, we had to find a breakfast place. On our way through the Rideau Mall, we randomly decided to ask the cashier at Starbucks to recommend a place close by (20min walking range) and so….


light lemon-peach

We got to Elgin Street Diner. Big windows up front, lots of neon signs - a bit low looking. We entered and the host instantly greeted us. As if a secret, he whispered that if we wait a few min we can get a booth. And so we did.


lychee, melon, crisp

This place had a very easy-going vibe, dark-green booths, brick walls (for once left real as is, no hideous paint), big front windows. On the walls photographs on one side and chalkboard illustrations over the kitchen counter on the other. Those illustrations really made it for me - unique and artistic feel.

The host, our waiter as well as people around had a flamboyant feel. We were probably the only male-female couple but we were not given any looks so we were more than happy to start warming our tummies.


mineral and honey notes

The menu was mimicking a cork-board pin-up style. Not well designed - the cork texture made it feel awfully dull but definitely overall crafty, easy-going and fun.


lean, some sweetness, fruity

We started with fresh-squeezed Orange and Grapefruit juices, pulp and all. Then followed up with a Breakfast Wrap and a Grilled Vegetable benedict. Both came with home fries and both were home-made greasy and delicious, even with my sick palette on.


dry, refreshing

Overall, a sweet place, open 24/7. What else would one want?

overall.. an easy gewurztraminer

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