Aunties and Uncles

This is the top BlogTO brunch place.. and I love going through that list on a lazy weekend morning..


dry, pale

The outside feels pale and cold, no big sign, cuz a flat wall with siding, windows and doors but..


light textured, floral

Once you step in this place feels like you are walking in a kid's room - bright, colourful, fun, decorated. The walls - imperfect and childlike - with airplane wallpaper coming off. Quite a few people were inside, enjoying the many illustrations and posters around (I'd say 60s style). The tables had a diner feel and I can swear the second floor was someone's house.. but I think I saw customers went up.


hint of red berries

The laminated off-white paper menu with script typeface surrounded by red frames seemed clashing at first, but overall have their own the mom-and-pop charm. The bar area was right by in the corner, for all to see, and as for the kitchen window in the wall, it felt so fun to play with cloth-clipping the orders on a wire.


well balanced, surprising

Mon chéri and moi had the Breakfast Pocket and the Croque Monsieur, warm and filling. They both came with sides, we went for their homemade potatoes (a lovely dijon potato salad) as well as a house salad side. The only problem, which might be my complete hallucination, is a bunch of small white hairs.. but lets just say, I was not fully awake.


sweet, unique, begging for more exploration

There was a line-up by the time we were leaving. Visited the tiny washroom downstairs, which definitely makes you feel like you are in someone's house. Overall, loved the place. Was a bit of a bummer that they only accept cash, but conveniently across the street is a bank.

overall.. an easy-going rosé

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