It's been too recommended, for me to miss this place out. Plus it sounded perfect for mon cheri's birthday, knowing his interest in Italian wines.


clean, widespread

And so I made a reso days ahead. Tried changing the time, the same day but it was impossible, they are ridiculously busy. I just dropped off the cake earlier, and hoped for the best.

From the outside the place seems clean, geometric and organized. The word mark is horizontal and simple. There is a few places with a logo of an atom, believe the old one, thankfully it's not prominent.


mishmash - many weak hints at ones

We came a tad earlier than our reservation. It was busy, we waited for 5min standing, the host offered us to sit next to some couple, while we waited.

It is a small, and cozy place. However we couldn't stop noticing the fluorescent wall behind the bar, which kept on changing colours. I felt like I am in a club and too many of the colours were clashing with the rest of the room..  it wasn't hard not to notice that the red-orange seconds of the light were the only appropriate ones. Even if one was to turn away from the bright wall, there is a lovely mirror on the wall across, reinforcing it.


unresolved, simple

They sat us at a booth, the place felt a bit rushed. We ordered two glasses of Primitivo-ca'del doge. Followed by a pizza we put together - salmon, sundered tomato, basil pesto cream, fior di latte, artichoke and onions. The waitress seemed stressed and distracted. They serves us some bread as we waited. We continued our discussion on what possible major our waitress is doing.


easy to like,




Our pizza came quickly - small, thin-crusted but delicious.

I went to the washroom, checked on the waitress who was fully on board with bringing out the cake. Cheri didn't know what was coming, so I asked for the wine list again while he asked for the dessert menu.. the waitress looked at me and was confused. Made him feel inadequate, as he didn't understand why its so hard bring out a dessert menu.. I smiled and said yes, can you bring it out. We ordered two glasses of Prosecco. The waitress brought out a bottle, started opening it and its a good thing mon cheri spoke up and told her we only wanted two glasses. He entertained himself with the dessert menu while the waitress brought out the cake with two candles. I brought 24 more and the poor cake was fully lit by the time we finished putting them all on. He blew the candles, our waitress took the cake back and then cut two pieces for us.


light and short

At the end, she brought back the cake fully packed. All the warnings I got that there was a fee on the service of serving the cake, was definitely worth it. We paid and left.

Honestly, perhaps I was too distracted by the event to really take a good look at the menu or even order anything apart from what cheri wanted. This place is worth visiting again in a few months, but not at a busy night with that hideous lit up wall.

overall..  a young Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc blend

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Le Chien Noir

Le Chien Noir