My sister has recommended that I try this middle-eastern place for a drink and an appetizer, a while ago.


light, white, easygoing

very friendly, fun typography outside on a warm yellow background


citrus, floral

An intimate feel, warm orange walls and incandescent lights. We walked straight in, to the bar and someone sat us down. The second part of the restaurant revealed. It was on the quiet side, but may be because it was already 10pm..


tropical fruits, subtle

The chandeliers made the light spread into spots, which added to the intriguing feel. At the table, the menu was simple, but kept consistent. A tad of a confusion with what can be picked for the combination platter. They had a separate wine menu, where I saw the Narcissist Megalomaniac Riesling 07 and we had to get a 1/2 L.


well balanced, medium dry, crisp

So we went for a three dip (combo) platter (babaganuj, humus, tabule) and a plate of Hallum Salad with chicken. The dips were good, nothing too special. They came with pita breads. The tabule dip, I was particularity excited about as I have not heard of it before - lots of parsley, lemon dressing, mint, a bits of onions and tomatoes - it was not too flavorful. But the chicken from that Hallum Salad was something else - cooked to perfection. It just melted in your mouth and worked beautifully with the rest of the green plate with subtle pomegranate dressing, and the cheese was there too.


freshening, a light linger

We lingered eating and talking until about 11:30. I'd say, it won't be my last time there, there is more to try out from the menu. I also wander what this place is like in the daytime and during summer.

overall.. a light vidal

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