Iliana & Sergey's Palette is a joint husband-wife venture, as we write and collaborate together, noting our many visits in a holistic way, through a human design and experience lens.

Our Promise

The self-identified purpose of the blog is to use observational and analytical skills to provide meaningful feedback and suggestions - all in the name of a more wholesome experience for everyone. These experience are not limited to restaurants. They are also events, tours, products and so on. With our reviews, we want to encourage local businesses, as well as ones bringing forward something new and special. 


Our Expertise

Combining our design and business backgrounds, our husband & wife team is able to view every experience from a multitude of angles. While we are avid locavores, we travel extensively in search of different perspectives. Staying in France and California for extended periods of time, we have a diverse exposure understanding other cultural values and a knack for finding an edge to everyday life. Our focus is mainly local to help businesses with innovative experiences develop.

Special Thanks to
Bair Badmajapov

Bair is a contributing editor to the blog. His passions revolve around travel, poetry, art, and constant approach to improvement of living: be it through conscious consumption (i.e., elimination of waste and awareness around one's overall imprint) or newest research, shedding light on how to accomplish more with less.


A Brief History

Our blog started off as strictly Iliana's site - to help her fuse the love for the wine tasting experience and fascination with physical environments. Read more about it here. As the creative thinker in her evolved, this passion to discover experiences and submerge in new worlds grew. Understanding how an experience can be analyzed and improved started being an essential skill. The blog eventually became a joint husband-wife venture as we discuss and deepen our understanding of moments and memories. For over 5 years now, we write and collaborate together, as we hope to inform people about experiences.

Design Expert

While originally a graphic designer, Iliana believes that there are no boundaries to cross-discipline work. In solving a problem, or creating a world, design’s fluidity should not be limited. With a strong base in strategic branding, she is a designer with conceptual and execution-oriented designer with work in theming, interior design, marketing, motion graphics, etc. See more of her work here.